I’ll Be Home for Chrismas (Cookies)

I’m one of those huge nerds when it comes to Christmas. I can’t get enough of cheesy Christmas movies, I play Christmas music as soon as Thanksgiving is over, I enjoy wrapping presents, and no Christmas is close to being complete without baking a TON of Christmas cookies.2012-12-24 15.35.05

There are certain cookies I have to bake every year, but I always like to try a few new recipes. Here is the list of what I baked this year:

  • Molasses Sugar cookies
  • Snickerdoodles
  • Peanut Blossoms
  • Toffee Chip Cookies
  • Cherry coconut cookies (which were really supposed to be cherry macaroons but didn’t quite work out.)

I always like making some sort of ginger/molasses cookie, but I haven’t found one recipe to be totally loyal to. Snickerdoodles and Peanut Blossoms are always a must. I decided to try toffee chip cookies and cherry macaroons this year. The toffee chip cookies might have to become a regular on my list, the cherry macaroons are a whole other story….

I’ve never made coconut macaroons, and when I found the cherry macaroon recipe I thought it would be perfect for Christmas (since the cherries add a little red color). Well they taste great, but I must have somehow screwed up this recipe because they look nothing like a normal macaroon. I’ve read over it ten times and I swear I measured everything right, but they just didn’t turn out the consistency you’d expect. So instead of macaroons I’m calling them cherry coconut cookies. I’ll have to find another macaroon recipe to try to master.

Anyways I’m going to post the cookies recipes later, but wanted to make sure to wish everyone a Sweet and Merry Christmas!


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