Not So Saucy Turkey Stuffed Peppers

So I was all ready to sit down and blog about the turkey stuffed peppers I made for dinner last week, and then I remembered in a kitchen cleaning binge I pitched the recipe. I had pulled the recipe from a Food Network magazine, and decided it wasn’t spectacular enough to save and make again. Lucky for you I have a pretty fantastic memory so I can at least give you a pretty convincing break down on how the whole thing came together.
Plus I didn’t follow all the measurements perfectly anyways, because really what fun would that be if something didn’t go wrong?

2013-01-16 18.33.35

So the filling for the peppers was really easy to put together. You chop up fresh parsley and dill, which was the first place I digressed from the recipe. It called for a cup or so of each I think, but I didn’t wanna deal with chopping and measuring. I also really didn’t want fresh dill left over because let’s face it, it would end up in the trash after it rotted to a nice brown smush in my crisper. So I just chopped up the majority of what I bought, eye-balled it as close enough, and called it a day. Then I chopped up 4 green onions. The next step is to mix cooked brown rice (I used one “boil a bag” of rice), ground turkey (I just used a whole package), parsley, dill, green onions, plus 2 cups of mozzarella and what I remember to be about a 1/2 cup of feta.

I found this recipe extremely appealing because you don’t have to mess with cooking the ground turkey first. When it comes to fixing myself dinner the less steps the better. If I’m baking I’ll take my time, but when I’m just trying to get a meal on the table for me, myself and I, the easier the better. So after cutting the “lids” off the peppers (which I screwed up because I need new knives), you stuff ’em up and then get the sauce ready.

This is the part where I began measuring exactly because making sauce freaks me out. This is also the part where my recipe started to not turn out as it seemed it would. So the sauce was made with water, tomato puree, and cinnamon. Yes, the cinnamon seemed kind of weird but it did add a nice flavor and smelled good. So you put the sauce ingredients in a pan and then put the little peppers in the sauce, cover, and bring to a simmer. Then you let it simmer for like 50 to 60 minutes.

2013-01-16 18.54.34

The peppers were cooking just fine but the sauce was not getting thicker. After the hour, the insides of my peppers were cooked but the sauce still resembled tomato water. So for the next step where you cover the peppers with  a reserve of your herbs and cheese and then bake for like 10 minutes, I decided to also add a little plain tomato puree on top.

They turned out just fine, and made for a quick and easy thing to bring for lunch the next couple of days. I don’t know where I went wrong when it came to the sauce, and since the recipe is at the bottom of my trashcan I probably never will.

Oh well, hopefully my next kitchen adventure will be more of a success.


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