Being a cheeser and waiting for my timer to go off.

So instead of giving you the typical biography of my life I thought I would share a short list of why I like baking and why I decided to blog about it.

  1. Baking is extremely therapeutic. I get in a zone, shut off my mind, and focus on the recipe. I usually put on music and dance around like an idiot in the process, which may contribute to my baking Zen.
  2. For the most part all things homemade are superior to the store-bought, pre-packaged counterparts. Is this realistic for everything? Hell no. I buy spaghetti sauce in a jar, frozen dinners, and even sometimes a box of cake mix. That being said, when I have the time and patience I like to do it up right.
  3. I’ve got some Type A personality in me, so the challenge of taking a bunch of ingredients, following the directions and have it turn out exactly like the picture is kind of like crack to my need to achieve perfection. Things definitely don’t always turn out like the picture though, which is fine. Really. The control freak inside me needs a good slap across the face every once in a while.
  4. It is gratifying to make something delicious you can share with your friends and family. I realize the cornball factor here, but that whole idea of putting love in what you bake/cook is true.
  5. The incessant need to tell stories and interject sassy inappropriate comments is deeply woven in my DNA. I figured a baking blog would be a great way to document my baking adventures and keep record of the good, the bad, and any major kitchen catastrophes.

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